Selected Publications

Schimmelpfennig, R., Vogt, S., Ehret, S., and Efferson, C.  (forthcoming).  Maximizing behavior change when people differ from each otherBulletin of the World Health Organization.  Special themed issue on Behavior and Health. 


Berger, J., Vogt, S., Efferson, C. (forthcoming). Pre-existing fairness concerns restrict the cultural evolution and generalization of inequitable norms in children. Evolution and Human Behavior. 


Schief, M., Vogt, S., Efferson, C. (forthcoming).  The structure of son bias in Armenia: from implicit associations to explicit behavior.   Demography. 


Travers, H./Walsh, J., Vogt, S., Clements, T., Milner-Gulland, E.J. (2021). Delivering behavioural change at scale: what conservation can learn from other fieldsBiological Conservation. 

Efferson, C., Vogt, S. & Fehr, E. (2020). The promise and the peril of using social influence to reverse harmful traditionsNature Human Behaviour. 

Soraperra, I., Kobis, N., Efferson, C., Shalvi, S., Vogt, S., and Offerman, T. (working paper). A market for integrity. An experiment on corruption in the education sector

Efferson, C. and Vogt, S. (2018). Behavioural homogenisation with spillovers in a normative domainProceedings of the Royal Society B. 285(1879)

Vogt, S., Efferson, C., and Fehr, E. (2017). The risk of female genital cutting in Europe: Comparing immigrant attitudes toward uncut girls with attitudes in a practicing country. Social Science Medicine – Population Health (3): 283-293.

Vogt, S., Zaid, N.A.M., Ahmed, H.E.F., Fehr, E., and Efferson, C. (2016). Changing cultural attitudes on female genital cutting. Nature, 538(7726): 506-509. (Shared first authorship with Efferson)

Efferson, C., Roca, C., Vogt, S., and Helbing, D. (2016). Sustained cooperation by running away from bad behavior. Evolution and Human Behavior, 37(1): 1-9.

Efferson, C., Vogt, S., Elhadi, A., Ahmed, H.E.F., and Fehr, E. (2015). Female genital cutting is not a social coordination norm. Science, 349: 1446-1447. (Shared first authorship with Efferson)


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