Selected Publications

Travers, H./Walsh, J., Vogt, S., Clements, T., Milner-Gulland, E.J. (forthcoming). Delivering behavioural change at scale: what conservation can learn from other fieldsBiological Conservation. 


Schief, M., Vogt, S., Efferson, C. (forthcoming).  The structure of son bias in Armenia: from implicit associations to explicit behavior.   Demography. 

Efferson, C., Vogt, S. & Fehr, E. (2020). The promise and the peril of using social influence to reverse harmful traditionsNature Human Behaviour. 

Soraperra, I., Kobis, N., Efferson, C., Shalvi, S., Vogt, S., and Offerman, T. (working paper). A market for integrity. An experiment on corruption in the education sector

Efferson, C. and Vogt, S. (2018). Behavioural homogenisation with spillovers in a normative domainProceedings of the Royal Society B. 285(1879)

Vogt, S., Efferson, C., and Fehr, E. (2017). The risk of female genital cutting in Europe: Comparing immigrant attitudes toward uncut girls with attitudes in a practicing country. Social Science Medicine – Population Health (3): 283-293.

Vogt, S., Zaid, N.A.M., Ahmed, H.E.F., Fehr, E., and Efferson, C. (2016). Changing cultural attitudes on female genital cutting. Nature, 538(7726): 506-509. (Shared first authorship with Efferson)

Efferson, C., Roca, C., Vogt, S., and Helbing, D. (2016). Sustained cooperation by running away from bad behavior. Evolution and Human Behavior, 37(1): 1-9.

Efferson, C., Vogt, S., Elhadi, A., Ahmed, H.E.F., and Fehr, E. (2015). Female genital cutting is not a social coordination norm. Science, 349: 1446-1447. (Shared first authorship with Efferson)


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