Sonja Vogt


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Centre for Experimental Social Sciences
Nuffield College, University of Oxford
1 New Road
Oxford UK


I am a senior research associate at the Centre for Experimental Social Sciences and research fellow at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. I conduct both basic and applied research on how social influence and social information affect changes in behavior, with a special focus on health, gender, and child well-being in developing countries. My recent work has been published in Social Science Medicine: Population Health, Science, and Nature.

My research is interdisciplinary, combining methods from social psychology and behavioral economics, and my methods include laboratory experiments, mobile labs, online experiments, and randomized controlled trials. I have conducted studies with children and immigrants in Switzerland, married couples in Armenia, and small-scale farmers and pastoralists in Sudan. Much of my research focuses on attitudes and behaviors that are socially sensitive, and I have therefore developed a keen interest in methods to avoid associated biases.  

I am also affiliated with the Center for Child Well-Being and Development at the University of Zurich. Prior to becoming a member of the Nuffield CESS team, I was at the Department of Economics at the University of Zurich. I received my Ph.D. from Utrecht University.