I am associate professor in Sustainable Social Development at the University of Berne in Switzerland. I use lab and field experiments to examine the social and psychological mechanisms needed for sustainable behavioral change in development. Current projects include corruption in higher education in Colombia and South Africa, reducing school drop-outs in Malawi, female genital cutting in Sudan, pre-natal sex selection in Armenia, social inequality in the US and the UK, and social learning in Kenya. My research is in collaboration with UN agencies and local NGO’s.

I am affiliated with Nuffield College, University of Oxford, the Centre for Experimental Social Sciences, University of Oxford; the Center for Child Well-Being and Development, University of Zurich; the Centre for Development and Environment, University of Berne, and The New Institute, Hamburg.

I am also principal investigator of the Policy and Cultural Evolution Lab (PaceLab, https://pacelab.org/).

Sonja Vogt, University of Berne, Switzerland
sonja.vogt@soz.unibe.ch  and sonja.vogt@unibe.ch